Potted grapevines

Sustainable potted grapevines

More and more people demand plants which were not exposed to chemicals. We try to practice traditional viticulture by preserving at the same time our nature.

Resistant grapevines

Thanks to cross-breedings we were able to combine the resistance of American and Asian wild species with the quality of our European species. For millions of years, these wild grapevines lived in symbiosis with fungus diseases. Thats why resistant wine and table grape varieties don’t need chemicals and protect at the same time nature as well as garden habitat, furthermore they produce delicious table grapes.

Natural wine and table grape varieties

Do you want to offer natural wine and table grape varieties to your clients, which transform the vineyard into an adventure garden? We dispose of a vast range of resistant wine and table grape varieties by the most important breeders as Freiburg, Kecskemét and InnoVitis. We are always available for further information.