Our grapevines

We reproduce the best clone selections.

Our own production and our active contribution to shape and control
the production of grafts and rootstocks permit us to offer you healthy

Are you in search of a certain grape variety or do you need consulting during planning a new vineyard?

Here you can find everything about viticulture.

We offer:

  • grapevines 60-65 cm and 85-90 cm
  • fungusresistant wine and table grape varieties (PIWI)
  • potted grapevines

Please benefit from our long-time experience regarding the breeding of clones, rootstocks and vines as well as from our vast range of traditional and resistant wine and table grape varieties.

We are glad to consult you in choosing the right grape varieties and the right arrangement.

We realize your grafting project and we can offer you any requested combination of variety and clone.

We are glad to accept already your orders for the seasons 2019 and 2020.

Please contact us by phone under +39 0471 – 972753, write us an email to info@wineplant.bz.it or fill out our contact form.

Your Wineplant team