3.000.000 vines

4.000.000 rootstocks

10.000.000 buds

We reproduce the best clone selections.

Our own production and our active contribution to shape and control the production of grafts and rootstocks permit us to offer you healthy plants.

Do you want to supply your clients with natural wine and table grape varieties transforming your vineyard into an adventure garden?
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Production of vines with long tradition. Sales of traditional and innovative (PIWI) wine and table grape varieties.

In 2012 the famous nurseries „Tutzer“ (since 1963) and „Karadar“
(since 1949) merge into Wineplant Ltd., Bolzano (I). Armin Karadar
(successor of Alois Karadar) and Alexander Morandell (successor of Erhard Tutzer) are passionated by viticulture and
winegrowing and ensure also in future the high quality of grafted plants. They are available all year round with their expertise and
high-quality plants.

Since 2012, the company Alar Ltd has been connecting its production sites and handling sales at an international level.

Fungusresistant wine and table grape varieties (PIWI) enrich the wide range of grafts, rootstocks and grafted vines.

Benefit from our long-time experience and our vast range of wine and table grape varieties. In the meantime we produce also a large
number of fungusresistant grapevines (
Souvignier Gris